10 Benefits of Link Building

10 Benefits of Link Building

Date 20-November-2022

Link Building


Do you need link building services for your website but are still dubious about their benefits?
Don’t you worry as we have you covered.

You will learn about the top 10 benefits of link building in this article, which will persuade you to choose these services without any second thoughts. Link building has grown to be a critical component of establishing your website’s authority and staying one step ahead of your competitors. In order for our clients to benefit from being recognized as thought leaders in their particular industry, we at A-One Corp ensure that we provide the best link building solutions to them.
On one of our preferred in fact our favorite link-building platform, Terkel, we posed the following query: “What is one benefit of Link Building for your website and business?” and after a few days, the platform provided us with some illuminating responses.

Here are 10 thought leaders’ responses to the question we posed:

  • Link Building Increases Brand Credibility
  • Improves Your Networking and Relationships in Your Niche
  • Improves Your Search Engine Rankings
  • Link-building Helps Brands Get Closer to Journalists
  • Attract People Who Want to Share What You’re Building
  • Increase Your Crawl Budget With External Links
  • You May Receive Referral Traffic
  • Gain A Qualified Target Audience
  • Brand Awareness & Credibility
  • Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority
  • Increases Brand Credibility

    “Quality backlinks are healthy SEO candy that sweetens your SERP ranking. Quality backlinks drive more visitors to your website, leading to greater conversions. It builds awareness and authority for your brand when a lot of other sites link to yours because it shows they deem your site as helpful. This will also indicate to search engines that your content provides value, raising your SERP position. While Google says backlinks count as votes of confidence in your site’s content, backlinks also boost consumer confidence in your business.”
    Chris Gadek, Head of Growth, AdQuick

    Improves Your Networking and Relationships in Your Niche

    “Link building works best when there is mutual benefit. Marketers in related niches trade links with one another to profit from additional traffic, authority, and other advantages of link building. Relationships like these have advantages for your work. Connecting with other like-minded business owners in your industry can give you a sounding board for fresh concepts and the chance to gain firsthand knowledge from those who have already achieved the level of success you aspire to.”
    Muskan Rai, Writer, HostingRevelations

    Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

    “One of the key benefits of link building for your website and business is that it can help improve your search engine rankings. Search engines such as Google will use the number of inbound links to your site as a measure of authority, which can have a positive impact on how high you rank in the results pages. In addition, links from other websites can help drive more traffic to your site, which can help increase conversions and sales. By focusing on quality link building strategies such as guest posting, getting involved in online communities, and collaborating with other websites in your industry, you can improve the performance of your website and business over time.”
    Amira Irfan, Founder and CEO, A Self Guru

    Link-building Helps Brands Get Closer to Journalists

    “Link-building requires businesses to work more closely with media, journalists, and other online publishers in return for press, intimate press relationships, and increased brand awareness.
    Each backlink must be earned because other parties publish them on their websites. As many major news sites have long-established domains, receiving a backlink from Forbes, CNN, or Business Insider is doubly lucrative for businesses desiring improved web traffic and publicity.
    As brand writers and journalists work together more and more often, publication and networking opportunities increase. Sometimes a positive relationship with the media can return unexpected benefits for businesses that put in the work.”

    Justin Soleimani, Co-Founder, Tumble

    Attract People Who Want to Share What You’re Building

    “One of link building’s greatest advantages is domain authority. The higher your DA, the more credible your website appears. I’ve found that domain authority can help me attract more customers and partners.”
    For example, my blog thrives on great partnerships. I partly rely on guest bloggers to create and share content with my audience, and I can attract quality writers with great ideas when I have something to offer in return. A higher DA makes my blog more valuable to them because it makes them appear more legitimate as a writer, plus they get published on a credible site. It’s a win for me, too — I receive great content to share with my readers.
    “Link building can be game-changing for businesses and blogs if you use it strategically. It’s not just about increasing traffic or getting leads. Think about link building in terms of the bigger picture — when you look credible, you’re likely to attract people who truly care about what you’re building.”
    Alli Hill, Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

    Increase Your Crawl Budget With External Links

    Ever since Google first released its patent for ranking in a linked database in 1997, external links have played a pivotal role in determining which pages sit at the top of search results.
    While we’re all aware that backlinks are an important ranking factor, do you know they also impact your site’s crawl budget?
    “Google has in the past said a site’s crawl budget is proportional to its PageRank, meaning pages and sites with more external links pointing to them will get crawled more often.”
    “Crawl budget is a key SEO consideration when dealing with large websites with tens of thousands of pages, such as e-commerce or news sites, where having a larger crawl budget will improve organic performance.”

    Ed Roberts, SEO Manager, Hovia

    You May Receive Referral Traffic

    “One nice benefit of link building is that if you manage to acquire links from websites highly relevant to yours, you may receive actual referral traffic from them.”
    For example, if you manage to land a contextual link in a relevant article whose audience might be interested in your product, there’s a good chance some of those readers will click on the link to your website. They might have completely overlooked a link in the footer or somewhere else, and perhaps they wouldn’t have thought to Google a product like yours. Getting that link in a place where people are already reading about something related to your product could get you targeted traffic.

    Sarah Norwood, SEO Content Marketer, Nozzle

    Gain A Qualified Target Audience

    “Link building, when done strategically, can really help use a website’s established traffic as a springboard to drive more to yours. Apart from the SEO juice that link building adds to your website, it’s the qualified audience that makes it all the more worth it. But at this point, I’d like to also mention how it is important to focus on quality over quantity backlinks; which is usually not the case for most businesses in their zeal to increase the numbers.
    When building backlinks, it is important to account who you’re targeting and what your goal from the tactic is. It should fulfill a business objective and not just be treated as a number game; imagine driving a lot of traffic to your website owing to links, but none of them being your audience!”

    Vanhishikha Bhargava, Founder, Contensify

    Brand Awareness & Credibility

    “Link building is often thought of purely for SEO. However, there are very strong additional benefits if done right and if targeting high authority publications. You can build additional brand awareness, to increase the volume of branded searches for your brand which can have the indirect benefit of increasing ranking for generic search terms. Additionally, if you can secure links from high authority publications, this can boost your credibility in the market as well as being able to use their logo on your site to boost trust.”

    Freddie Chatt, Founder, Freddie Chatt

    Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

    “One benefit of link-building is increased domain authority. Domain authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. The higher the score, the better the chance of ranking higher on SERPS (search engine results pages). Link-building is one factor contributing to a website’s domain authority. By building high-quality links to your website, you are effectively increasing your domain authority, improving your chances of ranking higher on SERPS.”

    Michael Sena, Founder and CEO, Senacea







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