Technology Trends for 2023

Technology Trends for 2023

Date 20-December-2022

Progress on Web3

Progress on Web3 technology is one of the latest technology trends predicted for 2023. As someone who closely follows these trends, I’m impressed with how far this technology has come in such little time. Web3 technology is a combination of blockchain with decentralized applications and protocol layers that enable novel digital asset types, new ways to monetize data, and other functionality. 

With Web3 interfaces gaining traction among mainstream users, I believe we’ll continue to see major progress over the next few years as developers use its unique capabilities. I’m excited to explore what looks to be a revolutionary advancement in online networking and distributed computing!

Antreas Koutis, Administrative Manager, Financer

AI Will Be Dominant in Customer Support

As with the recent introduction of ChatGPT, it’s obvious that AI has developed to where it can have a conversation with a human that doesn’t feel forced. I’m not saying AI is already sentient or something along these lines. We’re still far away from a truly Intelligent AI.

That doesn’t mean that an AI with a comprehensive enough database of answers can’t provide human-level customer support in many industries. The trend is not really new, but recent advancements‌ will increase the pace of adoption significantly in 2023.

Ionut-Alexandru Popa, Editor-in-Chief & CEO, BinaryFork

5G Will Revolutionize Gaming

With faster speeds and lower latency, gamers can expect smoother gameplay with fewer delays as the shift to 5G takes place. Higher bandwidths will also allow for greater detail in graphics, as well as new gaming experiences that are not possible on 4G networks.

In addition, 5G will enable mobile gamers to enjoy console-level experiences on their smartphones or tablets. And that’s not all—developers will now be able to create games that are no longer limited by hardware constraints, and players can expect shorter loading times and less lag when playing online multiplayer games. 

With gaming becoming more accessible and widespread, 5G will help blur the distinction between mobile gamers and console gamers, bringing on millions of new players.

Demi Yilmaz, Co-Founder,

Chatbots That Are Indistinguishable From Humans

With OpenAI and DallE, AI has become the biggest technology trend in 2022, and it seems like it’ll only get bigger in 2023. People predict that it’ll be the year chatbots become indistinguishable from humans.

With ‌GPT3, the neural network language processor that imitates people, chatbots became much more personable. Natural language processing, the technology that powers AI chatbots, took a big step forward with GPT3.

In 2023, GPT4 will be released and is predicted to take language processing to a whole new level. The neural network will be trained on 100 trillion parameters [1], which is over 500 times that of GPT3, so you probably won’t know if you’re chatting to a bot or a human by the end of 2023.

Holger Sindbaek, Founder & CEO, Solitaire Online

You will Step Into the Internet and Feel It

Hearts went racing when Mark Zuckerberg introduced the Metaverse this year. The promise of an exponential integration of a virtual-reality world into everyday life was mouthwatering.

But this is what the future truly holds for the internet—a large part of which we will see in 2023. The internet as we have it today is ridiculously static—a flat digital space where you largely see and read without directly (and responsively) interacting with the digital elements.

2023 promises a far more immersive digital experience.

There are chances we would no longer only lifelessly type website URLs into address bars; we would STEP INTO the website as well, touch it and interact almost physically with it.

So instead of, say, reading about cancer. You will touch simulated virtual cancer cells, flip them, and ultimately have a proportionate real-life interaction with the cells you previously only read about.

Lotus Felix, CEO, Lotusbrains Studio

Virtual Reality as a Work Tool

Virtual reality is about more than fun and games; it’s quickly becoming a tool in the workplace.

As a recruiter, one place I see emerging VR tech is in the interview process. VR allows employers to place potential candidates in high-stakes situations without risking actual results. This goes way beyond the typical hiring process: instead of presenting a hypothetical and allowing the applicant to answer, companies can instigate a real-time scenario and watch how they respond.

It benefits workers too. For starters, they’re getting valuable training before the position is even filled. And those who struggle to articulate their skills now show what they can do.

Rob Reeves, CEO & President, Redfish Technology

Gigabit Wi-Fi Networking

“Gigabit is like Wi-Fi but the advanced version of existing Wi-Fi. It uses millimeter waves for data communication. You can also call it a new wireless transmission technology. It operates at 60 GHz frequency. The data rate is also effective for fast transmission, it is up to 5-7 GB/sec.

We will connect the backend of the gigabit wireless network to the high-speed network connection. It will be used effectively in 2023 at a higher rate because of its high level of security for various devices and users as well.

However, to be gigabit ready, you need to focus on some things. Check ports and CPU is ready for this technology, and have good quality wiring, and also check your computer uses the latest Wi-Fi standards.

Sanjay Singh, Founder & CEO, Technource Inc

Industry Cloud Platforms

Industry cloud platforms will continue to grow in popularity as organizations look to increase their efficiency and reduce costs. Industry clouds are private, secure, dedicated networks designed to address a particular industry’s specific needs. 

These platforms enable organizations to share data and applications across their entire value chain while ensuring that the data remains secure and confidential. With the emergence of technologies such as blockchain and the internet of things, industry cloud platforms will increasingly build digital ecosystems that facilitate collaboration and innovation within specific industries.

Karl Robinson, CEO, Logicata

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to be one of the most influential technology trends for 2023 and beyond. 

IoT is the concept of connecting multiple devices, such as cars, home appliances, and systems to the Internet to enable them to both send and receive data. This will allow more efficient network communication and control, with applications ranging from smart buildings to connected remote teams.

Victor Mathieux, Co-Founder & CEO, Miracle Brand

Sustainable Green Energy

In the coming years, sustainable green energy is likely to become one of the most significant trends in technology. Already many companies are making use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, leading to sustainable and efficient power infrastructure. 

The benefits of harnessing sustainable green energy are immense; it is an abundant and always-renewable resource that can reduce environmental impact, help create jobs, and promote economic stability. This technology has the potential to transform how we view energy production and consumption, allowing us to better benefit from sustainable green energy solutions in 2023.

Peter Jones, Sustainability Consultant, Carbon Accounting


All aspects of society are being “datafied,” or converted into data-driven hardware and software. Simply said, Datafication is the process through which routine human activities are transformed into data-driven systems. There will be data for as long as we can remember, embedded in everything from our cell phones and industrial machinery to our office software and artificial intelligence-powered gadgets.

Therefore, it has become a highly sought-after field of expertise in today’s market to ensure that our data is stored correctly and safely. Take a course like RPA to learn about automation in the data realm and arm yourself with this in-demand talent.

Jessica Shee, Manager at iBoysoft


When looking ahead to 2023, blockchain technology will be one of the most significant developments. Although blockchain technology is most commonly associated with digital currencies like Bitcoin, it provides security that may be applied in a wide variety of contexts. And because they are consensus-driven, blockchains ensure that no single party has access to the ledger’s contents. If a transaction takes place on the blockchain, it can be verified and supervised without the need for an intermediary.

Many businesses are exploring and implementing blockchain, and as the technology grows in popularity, so will the need for trained experts. There has never been a better opportunity to laulaunch a career in Blockchain if you find the technology and its potential uses fascinating.

Garit Boothe, CEO and Founder of Digital Honey

3D Printing

3D printing, which is used to create prototypes, is a major development in the realm of technology and innovation. The health and manufacturing sectors have benefited greatly from this technology. Before now, the idea of printing a physical object from a printer had never occurred to any of us.

So, 3D printing is yet another technology that will likely become widespread. Several well-paying and internationally-focused positions are available in organizations in the information and healthcare industries, which use 3D printing extensively. You just need some solid expertise in areas like AI, ML, modeling, and 3D printing.

Mark McShane, Managing Director at Newcastle First Aid Courses

Extended Reality

The term “extended reality” refers to a broad category that includes any technologies that imitate the real world, from VR to AR to MR to XR. Considering our universal yearning to escape the “actual” confines of the world, this trend in technology couldn’t be more timely.

This is, however, one of the most exciting trends that we will see in the gaming sector in 2023. The gaming and medical communities, as well as the retail and modeling industries, have all taken a keen interest in this technology due to its ability to simulate situations in which physical presence is unnecessary.

Christian Mitchell, Marketing Lead at Cross Trainer Homes

Digital Trust

People’s faith in and familiarity with digital technologies has grown as they have been accommodated and entangled with more and more devices and systems. This comfortable familiarity in digital settings is an important trend that will likely spur further developments.

People who have digital conviction have faith that technology can make the digital world safe, secure, and trustworthy, allowing businesses to explore and innovate without worrying about losing customers’ trust.

Shahil Shah, CEO at Blogging Forests

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